Tips for Dealing with Back Pain While Gardening

Garden Without Pain by Preparing Ahead

There are several ways you can better deal with lower back pain while gardening.
The solutions begin with a little pre-gardening preparation. Stretching before you
begin is an absolute must. Loosening up your joints and muscles can help prevent
injuries. Spending just 5 minutes stretching before you begin can make a big
difference. Carefully stretch out your lower body, focusing on your back and thighs.

Be Mindful of Your Body’s Positioning

Once you begin, remain conscious of your body. Be sure to take breaks every 20-30 minutes. Do some more light stretching. Walk around a little bit. Make sure you’re hydrated. Also, if there are multiple tasks you’re hoping to accomplish outside, don’t be afraid to change it up. If you’ve been kneeling down for a while, get up and do some pruning. Staying in any position for too long can have painful

Practice Safe Techniques

Lift with your knees, and not your back. It’s an old piece of advice but it remains
true. Practice the basics as it pertains to both lifting and bending. Always ensure
that objects you lift remain close to your body. Don’t make any sudden twisting
movements, especially if you’ve been in one position for a while. Try your best to
maintain your spine’s natural curve while working.

Don’t Overdo it

Most importantly, don’t work too hard. Most people garden because it brings them joy. There’s no reason to risk that joy by doing too much at once. Take it easy and enjoy yourself. When you’re done, do a few more light stretches before relaxing.

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