The Beginner’s Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Body

First and foremost, don’t be Intimidated.

While it’s always beneficial to create a healthy exercise routine, many people often become intimidated by the intensity they see from athletes at their local gym or on television. Remember that these men and women make up a tiny portion of the actual population. Most are professionals of their sport, meaning that it’s their job to try and be the best. As far as the overall general population, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that in 2019, less than 20% of all men and women in the United States engaged in daily exercise [1]. Simply making the choice to begin a routine, no matter how small it may seem, already puts you in elite company.

Setting small goals can lead to much larger ones.

Getting over the fear of working out is often the most difficult step, followed closely by creating a routine that you can follow. There is no shame in starting small. Learning on the go is actually a great way to get into physical fitness. Making sure not to push yourself too hard is extremely important, as it can set you back considerably if you hurt yourself. Start with something that interests you. If you enjoy walks, start jogging. If you’re into sports, join a team at your local recreation center. With fitness, one thing will lead to another. Maybe your daily jog turns into a run which eventually leads you to bicycling. Perhaps playing basketball at the recreation center opens your eyes to a fitness class being held there. Once you begin, the possibilities are endless.


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