David Ortiz

Red Sox Legend
David’s career is one of the most celebrated ones since he finished the professional game with 541 home runs, 1,768 runs batted in, and a .286 batting average

Miguel Cabrera

Triple Crown Winning Baseball Player
Despite his great successes as a professional baseball player, Miguel has dealt with chronic pain

David Silverman

Nearly two decades ago, David tore his ACL. He had been struggling with stiffness and swelling ever since.

Keith Kirkwood

Keith Kirkwood is a professional football player who has been playing in the NFL for three years.

Alex Guastella

Alex Guastella is a former collegiate long distance runner who now is an entrepreneur and CEO of Quick’rCare; a miami based company that allows patients to quickly find and get access to urgent care facilities, as well as connect them with medical professionals online.

Dolvett Quince

Dolvett is a personal trainer to the stars. His clients have included the likes of Justin Beiber, Janet Jackson, Angela Bassett and many others