Sleep Deprivation and its Effects on Your Physical Health

Effort is nothing without recovery

Exercise and diet are important, but without proper recovery time, they don’t
amount to much. Sleep is a critical factor that is far too often overlooked. Sleep
promotes muscle growth and recovery. It also provides the energy necessary for a
safe and effective workout. Beyond what it means for your fitness routine, it helps
prevent illness as well. Simply put, sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Not only can depriving yourself of sleep prevent muscle recovery, but it can also
result in a host of other health issues. You are far more likely to wake up with joint
pain or muscle stiffness if you aren’t getting enough sleep. While these can also be symptoms of an unsupportive mattress or poor sleeping positioning, never
underestimate the effects that sleep deprivation has on the body.

Sleep Deprivation & Pain

Scientific studies show a direct correlation between lack of sleep and pain. If not
addressed, sleep deprivation can eventually lead to an increase in pain sensitivity
itself. Sleep loss essentially dulls the brain’s natural painkilling response, which in
turn decreases the body’s tolerance to pain [1]. This is both bad and good news,
depending on how you look at it. The bad news is that sleep deprivation has a far
greater negative effect on the body than previously believed. However, this also
means that sleep is a natural anodyne for managing pain.


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