Improving Your Body by Utilizing Movement

The most important thing you need to remember is that a body in motion stays in motion.

That’s right, the best thing you can do for your body is just keep moving. You don’t need to go out and run a marathon or do 100 sit-ups to make a difference. Simply by dedicating a small amount of your time to simple movements on a daily basis can improve your health considerably. Go on a walk. Do some light stretching. Take your bicycle for a spin. Just by implementing these simple movements, you can improve your bones, muscles, and even your lungs and heart.

Stop sitting so much.

Okay, we’re all guilty of getting a bit too comfortable on our couches while we watch something on tv, especially in the last few years. Did you know that sitting too much can be very damaging to your health? Researchers have now linked excessive sitting to several dangerous health conditions. It can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and even cardiovascular disease.

Their research even theorizes that people who sit for more than 8 hours a day are at a similar health risk to those who smoke [1]. Fear not though, because spending 60-90 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity can counteract those effects. It might sound simple, but that’s the whole point. Stop sitting and start moving. You don’t need to make a major life-altering commitment to get into better shape. You just have to commit to enjoying life.



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