How Vitruvia can help you get back to your personal best

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Many people have experienced the cycle of temporary relief. The problem seems to be gone, only to have it pop right back up. Vitruvia’s team of expert clinicians perform a comprehensive assessment of your movement patterns. They ask you to perform the motions that cause you the most discomfort while they watch you under our ultrasound for in-depth evaluation. Getting to the root cause of the problem helps prevent future complications.

Renew Damaged Tissue

Damaged tissue can cause so many complications during our daily activities. These complications can prevent us from living better lives. Vitruvia’s team of expert clinicians uses proprietary imaging software ScarMap® to restore your damaged, and scarred tissues to their normal (pre-injury) state and free nerves entrapped to the surrounding fascia under ultrasound guidance.

Prevent Future Scarring

Not only does Vitruvia’s helps repair, rehydrate, and restore your tissue. Their process has proven to prevent future tissue scarring. They do not use stem cells or medicines such as steroids. They use natural proteins to facilitate long-term tissue regeneration. Vitruvia’s RELIEF solution can help you increase your energy, improve your mobility, remove passage blockage in your body. Getting to the root cause of your problem, renewing damaged tissue, and preventing future scarring can help you get back to your personal best and live a more fulfilled life.

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