How back issues can be resolved without surgery

Natural proteins

Natural protein has essential nutrients to help our bodies build and restore muscles. Fish Oil is an example of a good source of natural protein. It has Omega-3 fatty acids that could help reduce inflammation stored in your back. Adding natural proteins to your diet can help you increase your chances of resolving back issues without surgery.


Stretching, although often overlooked, is a powerful tool in aiding back issues. It is imperative to the mobility and flexibility of our joints, muscles, and overall posture. Yoga is an example of stretching that has become very popular around the world. Yoga can bring balance and alignment to our bodies that help stretch and strengthen a wide range of our body functions. Including stretching in your daily routine can help you keep your muscles loose and give comfort to some of your chronic pain.

Advanced Technology

So many medical practices have started to implement advanced technology in the way they treat their patients. Utilizing advanced technology such as proprietary imaging software ScarMap® can highlight root causes that can prevent more serious issues. ScarMap is designed to restore damaged tissues and works to return them to a healthy and optimal state of operation. Regenerative therapy companies such as Vitruvia, have revolutionized the approach to curing chronic pain and limited mobility such as back pain without undergoing surgery. They also do not use medication such as cortisone or other steroids.


Making simple changes in your life such as adding natural protein, implementing stretching to your daily routine, or taking advantage of advanced technology, can help you resolve back issues without going through surgery.

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