The Role of Tissue Health in Sciatica

If the sciatic nerve becomes compressed, it can cause numbness, tingling, and severe pains throughout the lower back and/or leg referred to as Sciatica. The sciatic nerve is surrounded by a type of connective tissue called fascia, the health of which may actually be a very important factor for preventing or overcoming this compression that can result in Sciatica. Healthy fascia is hydrated and spacious, allowing the nerve plenty of room to sit and function comfortably. 

Once damaged, fascia becomes hardened, dehydrated, and compacted which may start to put pressure on the sciatic nerve and result in Sciatica.

How Can RELIEF® Help Sciatica?

RELIEF® is used to help restore and rehydrate damaged fascia to treat pain and injury without sedation, steroids, or downtime. The procedure has helped thousands to overcome painful conditions and get back to their best. By restoring any damaged tissue surrounding the sciatic nerve, RELIEF® may be able to relieve the entrapment and help reverse the Sciatica symptoms.

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Mike Tyson's Sciatica Cure

Mike Tyson’s struggle with Sciatica gained attention in the Fall of 2022, after being photographed in a wheelchair. He then opened up publicly about his struggles with the condition, which would flare up so severely he would be unable to walk or even talk. 

The boxing legend came to see Dr. Abhinav Gautam at Vitruvia in the Spring of 2023. By using RELIEF® to restore and rehydrate the damaged tissue that was surrounding and compressing his sciatic nerve, Dr. Abhi was able to release the entrapment and relieve Mike of his symptoms and flare-ups. 

“I’ve never been this great. I’m feeling magnificent” – Mike Tyson after RELIEF®

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