It May Be All About Your Fascia

Did you know that the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your knee all rest beneath layers of fascia that support their function? Damaged fascia is a common yet often untreated cause of knee pain. 

It may even drive the symptoms of tendonitis, arthritis, aging-related aches and pains, post-surgical discomfort, fractures, and strains and tears.


How Does It Happen?

Overuse, improper walking form, injury, surgery, and simple wear-and-tear can all harm the fascia around our knee. Damaged fascia can compromise the structures underneath it or nerves within it and lead to the prolonged symptoms of many knee conditions and injuries.

How Can RELIEF® Help Your Knee?

RELIEF® is used to help restore and rehydrate damaged fascia to treat pain and injury without sedation, steroids, or downtime. The procedure has helped thousands to overcome painful conditions and get back to their best.

Contact us to see if your knee pain could be driven by damaged fascia and if it qualifies for RELIEF®.

Our Stories

Watch this video to hear a few of our patients describe their experiences with RELIEF®.

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