The Importance of Fascia Mobility

Why Fascia Is The Missing Ingredient In Injury Rehabilitation and Preventative Medicine

Did you know that fascia is the most widespread connective tissue in the body? It’s a thin, transparent membrane that covers and connects muscles, organs, and other structures. Fascia mobility is critical for musculoskeletal function. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to move! Despite this, damaged connective tissue and restricted fascia mobility are often overlooked as being frequent contributors to, and even root causes of, pain and restricted mobility when it comes to treatment.

Vitruvia’s ability to overcome pain, a lack of mobility, and a loss of desired function across different body parts and conditions is revolutionary. The technology is constantly helping new patients to take back control of their lives, through natural and non-surgical means.

Dr. Thomas Best,

MD, PHD, Team Physician for the Miami Marlins and University of Miami Hurricanes

Our connective tissues are meant to glide against each other, allowing for a full range of motion. However, once damaged by injury, surgery, inflammation, or wear-and-tear, these fascia layers can adhere to one another. When these fibers are stuck together, they can restrict range of motion and our natural patterns of movement will likely be affected – causing pain and/or discomfort. For example, after a knee surgery, even once completely healed, an athlete may struggle with being able to run, jump or move the way they used to due to the impact of damaged connective tissue.

On the other hand, when connective tissue is healthy and mobile, it can help to improve overall musculoskeletal function. The good news is fascia mobility can be improved, through both lifestyle adjustments and treatment. Our breakthrough RELIEF® procedure is designed to restore scarred and damaged tissues.

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The Importance of Fascia Mobility

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