Are range of motion issues impacting your life?

What is Range of Motion

Range of motion is how far you can move or stretch a part ofyour body, such as a joint or a muscle. There are two types ofrange of motion, activerange of motion and passive range ofmotion. Active range of motion uses your muscles to move a partof your body with no outside help. Lifting your arms above yourhead is an example of an active range of motion. Passive motionhappens when the movementis by something or someone else.An example of a passive range of motion is massage or physicaltherapist


What Causes Range of Motion Issues

There can be many causes of a range of motion issues.These causes are not always noticeable. There can be a painfuland non-painful range of motion issues. They can range frominflammations to medical problems such as cerebral palsy. Somesymptoms can be subtle and sometimes overlooked, such asfatigue, weight loss, or weight gain


Ways to help improve Range of motion

Many people can easily brush off a range of motion issues throughout their lives. It is vital to take steps now to prevent more serious problems in the future. Doing the right exercises can help prevent many range of motion issues later in life. S ome people also go the therapy route to help improve their limited mobility issues faster and sooner. Regenerative therapy is a form of therapy that is proven to help individuals improve their mobility and increase their

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