About Vitruvia
What is Vitruvia?

Vitruvia is a revolutionary recovery platform that focuses on a non-surgical approach to healing and pain management. It is an intersection of medical and technological innovation centered around the importance of tissue health and the power it has to transform lives.

What Do We Do at Vitruvia?

We transform lives. We use a holistic approach to assess a patient’s overall tissue health under the guidance of our proprietary ultrasound imaging software, ScarMap, to heal damaged tissue so the patient can return to their daily activities pain free and with an increased range of motion. We essentially give patient’s their life back by eliminating the root cause of pain and optimizing their performance.

How Does Vitruvia work?

We restore your tissue through a proprietary procedure which we have pioneered. Treatment begins with Vitruvia’s proprietary imaging software, ScarMap, which allows physicians to see the damaged tissue, then we repair and rehydrate the tissue with our proprietary solution that facilitates long term tissue regeneration, prevents future scarring and restores anatomy to a healthy state. We focus on the root cause of a patient’s pain, and heal them from the inside out.

What is ScarMap?

ScarMap is Vitruvia’s proprietary imaging technology. It’s cutting edge ultrasound technology has been programmed with artificial intelligence to mimic Vitruvia’s expert physicians’ knowledge and identify scarred, damaged tissue and quantify it’s health. This guides the physicians in real time and helps them perform our proprietary treatment with no guesswork. ScarMap can only be found at Vitruvia.

What is RELIEF?

RELIEF is our proprietary solution that rehydrates,repairs and restores scarred, damaged tissue back to health. Allowing the flow of nutrients to return to the damaged tissue to completely heal.


A more extensive, lengthier version of RELIEF. Someone that went through more extensive trauma like a blown out knee, likely resulting in a treatment plan spanning over 6 months.


For the person who is well versed in connective tissue health, and is looking for a whole body connective tissue restoration, and interested in the anti-aging benefits.

What is the Cost of Vitruvia?

The cost of Vitruvia is usually determined on a case by case basis. The physician will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

Your Mobility is everything

We transform lives through revolutionary non-surgical procedures. Vitruvia, the leader in restoring your quality of life.

Whether your goal is to improve your overall performance, regain the strength and flexibility of your youth, or fully recover from injury . You can make the trusted choice: Vitruvia. Get in touch to learn more about Vitruvia’s solutions or membership.