Your pain journey ends here.

No one deserves to live in pain.

That’s why we developed the Vitruvia™ approach to restore quality of life for anyone held back by physical pains and hindered mobility. Our natural and breakthrough RELIEF® procedure has helped over one thousand of the world’s top performers, athletes and weekend warriors to eliminate pain, increase mobility and take back control of their lives. Contact us today to take your first step towards RELIEF®.

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Our revolutionary approach to restoring quality of life has generated thousands of transformative success stories across America. If you feel your suffering is inevitable, trust in RELIEF®. Your pain journey ends here.


With injury, surgery, repetitive movements, poor posture or simply aging your tissue may become fused, scarred and damaged. The result may be pain, lack of mobility and a loss of the strength and flexibility you once had. Our revolutionary approach works to repair and rehydrate the tissue.


We have seen our patients RESTORE their bodies to their best performance levels, improve their mobility and ultimately RESTORE themselves to living without pain. The Vitruvia approach is providing thousands of patients with transformative results without downtime, medication, stem cells or invasive surgery